Care Instructions

Limited Edition Sustainable Archival Prints:

  • Frame your prints today rather than tomorrow :)

  • Keep print in the protective archival sleeve until framed.

  • Keep handling to an absolute minimum.

  • When handling your print, only touch the edges.

  • Use two hands to support your print so that it doesn’t bend. A crease in the print will be permanent.

  • If necessary you can use compressed air for dust removal.

  • Don't blow on the print to remove dust. Even the tiniest amount of moisture can affect the paper.

  • Keep your print away from bright light and humidity. 

Limited Edition Sustainable Framed Art:

Organic Canvas
For best results iron the fabric on the reverse side of the print before hanging using a hand held garment steamer and we recommend dry clean only using Hydro Carbon. Note: This natural fabric may contain subtle imperfections such as yarn variation which is a normal characteristic of fibres derived from seeds and plants.

Recycled Wood
Beautiful handmade recycled timbers used are finished using natural beeswax and this can be reapplied if needed. The wood is  reclaimed from projects such as demolished buildings and fence posts. Thus variations in each frame will differ in terms of colour and grain and sometimes there may be small beautiful knots showing. We feel this adds to the unique beauty of each piece (one of a kind) and timber used is of the highest quality in terms of durability.

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